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February 26, 2013
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HGU Teacher- Mikhail Andrews by Holo-Ookami HGU Teacher- Mikhail Andrews by Holo-Ookami

~edit: Updated profile slightly.

New account: I'll continue with my art including Mikhail on that account

Name: Mikhail Andrews
Teacher Name: Mr.Andrews/Sir.Andrews
Age: 200 years (looks around 20)
DOB: 2nd December
Gender: Male
Species: Demonic Wolf (a bit like a wearewolf)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Origin: America
Features: Wolf ears and Tail (doesnt show them whilst working), His silver hair and bright purple eyes

Teaches: Teaches history, math and science as suply (YEY! I GOT A SUBJECT~~) He is a Art Teacher, Now
Items: His Collar, A Knife he keeps hidden, Text books/Books, A vile full of an unknown liquid
Love: None
Personality: Mysterious, Sly, Menacing, Spiteful, Smart, Violent, Has a calm feel to him, Sadistic, Heart breaker
Powers: Can transform into a wolf, Has the power to attract people to him, can tell things about people by the taste of their blood
Likes: Winter, the colour purple, sharp objects, all canines, reading/books, dark places, gruesome things (like war and stuff), Earl Grey tea, being a bit of a flirt
Dislikes: Summer, Felines, loud noises, light places, people who are always happy, coffee, modern things, His master, humans

Bio: At a young age, Mikhail was taken away from his family and forced to serve another Demon, kind of like a Lap/Gaurd dog. His master could always call him is "Canine Butler", as hge had to protect and care for his master without fail. After reaching his teenage years, and totally forgetting about who his parents were, Mikhail was allowed into the outside world by himself. Soon, he decided it was time to have his own life, and ran away from his Master- Never to see that horrible man again.
He went to the University when he was 16 until he was 18, and decided to get a job there. At first he was just a teaching assistant, but soon had enough experiance to teach fully. many people find him intimidating because of his famous intence staring, and for some reason he looks younger than his actual age... he is a Demonic wolf because, unlike normal wearewolves, he drinks human blood, and becomes weak if he does not. He also enjoys flipping through girls- so if he likes one, he will saty with her until he becomes bored, then go onto another. He hasnt found a woman he truetly likes yet. No one knows where his master/owner is...

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Lollierolf Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
marceline: Hi mr a im marceline but u can call me marcy ;))
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I  FFRRRRRIIIICKIN LOVE HIM ahahaha i may be too stupid now but...-.- I THINK HE'S FUCKING  HOT XD
Miitu-chan Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He will always be Cs favorite~ = v =/
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D'aww and C will always be his for sure ^3^
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He. is. awesome
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Woot sorry for reply just made a new account... oh well...


Phew, anyways thank you~ :D

Ask-Balams-AT-OCs Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I have tooXD
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I is back woo~

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